Relevant knowledge about server rack battery
06-21 2023

​The server rack battery is the last link on which system reliability depends, and it is also the weakest in system reliability. Many major accidents originate from the failure of the server rack battery. Only important systems are equipped with 51.2v lifepo4 battery backup power systems. Once the server rack battery is required to supply power, but it is not confirmed whether the server rack battery can supply power, it will cause major losses, even catastrophic ones. Therefore, the acceptance and storage of server rack batteries must not be taken lightly. Next, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of the server rack battery.

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Advantages and purchases of server rack battery
06-16 2023

​A 10kWh server rack Battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery) that contains lithium ions in its positive electrode material, carbonaceous materials in its negative electrode material, and a pyrophoric organic solvent in its electrolyte. Next, I will take you to know about the advantages and purchase of the server rack battery.

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Factors Affecting Server Rack Battery Performance
06-12 2023

​Server rack battery has characteristics such as nonlinearity, discreteness, and complexity. The factors affecting LFP energy storage performance mainly include three aspects: temperature, discharge rate, and charging voltage. Next, let's take a look at the factors that affect server rack battery performance.

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How server rack batteries work
06-07 2023

​The working process of the 51.2v 100Ah lifepo4 battery is different from other material batteries. The reaction is not a reversible reaction of a single chemical equation of a lead-acid battery, but a two-phase reaction of positive and negative electrodes.

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