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KW, KWh And Kilowatt/hour: What Do They Mean?

So, what is the difference between kW and kWh? Understanding which appliances require more energy (kilowatt-hours) to run Understanding your electricity bill How knowing the difference can help slash your energy bill? How do solar panels work in terms of kWh and kW? Become an energy efficiency saving expert

2022 07-05
All About Three-Phase Solar Inverters: Do You Need One?

Gone are the days when we only power a few items in our homes. Nowadays, almost everything in our home runs on electricity. If your home is running on solar energy, or you plan to make a switch to solar and install solar PV panels on your property, then you also need to think about the inverter. The

2022 11-11
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Are Dirty Solar Panels Less Efficient And Do They Need Maintenance?

Dirty solar panels? If you have a solar energy system installed, you might wonder if dirty solar panels make your system less efficient.True, unclean solar panels perform less efficiently than clean ones. A solar panel’s ability to function at its best is hampered by leaves, dust, and bird droppings

2022 11-11
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