RV, Trailer & Camper
Never second guess your portable power source again with jingnoo dependable battery for all of your RV needs.
LFP battery packs the staying power of our best deep-cycle house battery with the high-cranking performance your engine needs to get on the road. With pure, non-alloy lead and the most efficient plate design in the industry, jingnoo battery puts the most advanced battery technology on your side. With faster recharging and more overall life than a conventional alloy AGM battery, jingnoo battery stays ready for your weekends on the road or off!​​​​​​​
battery solutions
JINGNOO Battery Solutions R&D team ensures complete client satisfaction by meeting the needs of any project at the highest quality. Combining the latest technology test and simulation tools alongside the design and manufacturing capabilities all in-house.​​​​​​​
Zero maintenance
Technological Strength​​​​​​​
Long Life
High Working efficiency
Golf Cart Batteries solutions
Upgrade your golf cart to lithium!
More energy dense, more stable and compact
The cells are sealed units and require no water filling
Upgrading conveniently and easy to replace and use
Marine battery solution
sIdeal for your trolling motors
Ideal for trolling motors no matter you are in saltwater or freshwater environments,and enable a long time fishing with lots of power.

We can sit and talk about the energy revolution all day: better to start right away in your own home with your own energy.

The basic idea of an energy storage system is the ideal management of the differences between the generation of electricity and the actual consumption. With a JINGNOO energy storage system, you can temporarily store the energy you’ve produced yourself and then use it when you actually need it. This enables you to use green energy 24 hours a day and increase your self-consumption to 80% and more.​​​​​​​
Power Wall Battery

Using a Solar Battery Bank
A solar battery bank is a solar energy storage system that will store energy that’s produced by your system rather than sending it back to the grid, allowing you to use it later. Then, when your unit is not producing any energy (for instance, after dark or on cloudy days), you can tap into those energy reserves in your solar battery bank.


Jingnoo can buffer you from increasing energy costs so that you have power when you need it most. While we can’t predict how much or how often utility electric rates will rise or when exactly the power will go out, we can always count on the sun rising each day. Take charge of yourself electric bill and get control of your energy needs now and in the future.
Good reasons of Jingnoo’s lithium
replacing lead-acid solutions​​​​​​​
Li-ion replacing lead-acid batteries are broadly used in all low speed vehicles & various industrial scenarios, such as golf carts, materials handling equipment, with features like long cycle life, maintenance free and fast charge.​​​​​​​
  • A better choice for lithium replacing
    lead-acid solutions - LiFePO4 batteries

    LiFePO4 batteries are new technology, which can outperform the
    lead-acid batteries in charging, lifespans, maintenance and so on.

  • We have an excellent technical team

    The quality is very good, completely consistent with the seller's description, very satisfied, really like it, completely beyond expectations, the delivery speed is very fast

  • We have an excellent technical team

    The quality is very good, completely consistent with the seller's description, very satisfied, really like it, completely beyond expectations, the delivery speed is very fast

High efficiency
Charging fast and efficient, can be charged at break and shift time.
No emission.
No toxic lead and gas.
No acid corrosion.
Green energy is better for you and the planet.

Keep the lights on, protect your family and secure your home office during blackouts. Our utility grid is expensive, and susceptible to 
extreme weather. As blackouts become the new normal, you up with reliable, clean energy for your home and family.

Integrating research and development,production, sales, engineering design, installation guidance and after-sales service 

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