Energy Independence with
JINGNOO Lithium ion Solar Batteries

The JINGNOO LiFePo4 battery offers optimal performance and longevity for the 

residential and commercial batterymarkets. 

It is a scalable battery system that meets your energy needs.

Competitive pricing and irreplaceable quality is what our customers expect, but it's also what JINGNOO offers!

Inverter Compatible

JINGNOO has a team of professional engineers, and after more than two years of debugging, JINGNOO home solar cells can be used with most of the well-known inverters on the market! If you are a distributor or installer of these inverters, then JINGNOO will be your most reliable partner.
Build a Better Future with JINGNOO Powerwall Battery

Our JINGNOO® home Lithium batteries are integrated smart energy storage systems created by Wisdom Power to optimize your consumption. Save on your electricity bills and achieve greater energy independence.

In JINGNOO, we provide LiFePo4 batteries that use energy more efficiently. We are working to promote a new energy model that is cheaper, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and consumer-led, because we believe that the future of energy depends on how intelligently we use it.
Everything Is Possible with JINGNOO
JINGNOO provides a complete energy solution by offering various options
fit for your home condition and lifestyle.
JINGNOO New Energy Technology Co ., Ltd. was founded in 2012.The company's headquarters is located in the ShenZhen, Factory covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters.It has more than 150 employees, including more than 20 senior experts and professional and technical personnel in the field of new energy.

Jingnoo is a photovoltaic new energy high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, engineering design, installation guidance and after-sales service.
  • 12000
    Square meters
  • 150
  • 20
    Senior experts
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Integrating research and development,production, sales, engineering design, installation guidance and after-sales service 

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