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ODM/OEM Deep Cycle 21700 M50A Industrial Lithium Battery Pack for FPV Drone


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  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Can: Steel
  • Diameter: 21.7 mm (max)
  • Height: 70.2mm (max)
  • Weight: 70g(max)
  • 21700 M50A

  • Molicel


Power your devices with confidence using our Industrial Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Pack, tailored for those who demand reliability and endurance.  Designed for a wide range of applications, our battery packs are the perfect solution for industries requiring a robust energy source.  With our ODM/OEM services, we customize battery solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

High-Energy Density for Maximum Efficiency

Our Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Packs are engineered to provide high-energy density, which means more power is packed into a lighter and more compact package.  This feature is crucial for applications where space and weight are at a premium, allowing you to maximize efficiency without compromising on power.

Robust Capacity for Long-Lasting Performance

With a substantial capacity rating, our lithium battery packs ensure that your equipment runs longer between charges.  Whether you're powering heavy machinery or portable electronics, our batteries deliver consistent performance, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Optimized Output for Peak Compatibility

Each Industrial Lithium Battery Pack is designed to deliver a stable output voltage and current, making them compatible with a wide array of devices.  Our precise engineering guarantees that your equipment receives the right amount of power it needs to function at its best.

Extended Cycle Life for Sustainable Use

Durability is at the heart of our Industrial ODM/OEM Lithium Battery Pack.  These batteries are built to withstand numerous charge and discharge cycles, maintaining their capacity over time.  This extended cycle life translates to a more sustainable energy solution, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Advanced Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount, and our lithium battery packs come equipped with multiple protective measures.  Overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protections are standard, ensuring the safety of your equipment and personnel.  Our commitment to safety helps prevent accidents and extends the lifespan of the battery pack.

Compact and Lightweight Design

We understand the importance of portability and integration.  Our lithium battery packs are designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, providing you with an energy source that's easy to incorporate into your designs, without adding unnecessary bulk.

Fast Charging for Increased Productivity

Minimize downtime with our lithium battery packs' quick charging capabilities.  Efficient charging

Molicel 21700 M50A (4)

Molicel datesheet

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