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The server rack battery is the last link on which system reliability depends, and it is also the weakest in system reliability. Many major accidents originate from the failure of the server rack battery. Only important systems are equipped with 51.2v lifepo4 battery backup power systems. Once the server rack battery is required to supply power, but it is not confirmed whether the server rack battery can supply power, it will cause major losses, even catastrophic ones. Therefore, the acceptance and storage of server rack batteries must not be taken lightly. Next, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of the server rack battery.

Here is the content list:

  • Acceptance and storage of server rack battery.

  • Master the charging time of the server rack battery.

Acceptance and storage of server rack battery.

Users must accept and store the server rack battery according to the correct procedures to ensure the quality of installation and use. Here are the three most important steps:

1. Damage inspection: After the lithium iron phosphate battery is delivered, it should be inspected immediately so that the user can quickly grasp the damage or missing parts. Because the time to reflect on the problem is too late, not only will the loss be increased, but it will also be difficult to claim compensation from the manufacturer or supplier.

2. After the above inspection is completed, the installation can be carried out. After the installation is completed, charge it, and then float charge for 72 hours after fully charged, and then do a full capacity test. If the capacity test is passed, the acceptance of the server rack battery is considered complete.

3. After acceptance, the server rack battery must be fully charged again. After 72 hours of a floating charge, measure its internal resistance as the base value for judging its performance in the future. If the internal resistance values are within ±5% of the average value, it is considered that the resistance values match. If the 51.2v 100Ah lifepo4 battery exceeds 5% of the average value, it is best to ask the supplier to replace it. The service life of the server rack battery with too much difference in internal resistance will be affected.

The storage place should be cool and dry. High temperature and fast self-discharge rate will increase the internal friction of the server rack battery. If charging is necessary, most of the manufacturer's guarantees will be lost if the server rack battery has been stored for more than six months and the user has not boosted it. If the server rack battery is stored at a high temperature of 92F°, this time will change to three months.

Master the charging time of the server rack battery.

The charging time of the server rack battery, from the perspective of difficulty level, is not a big problem in actual operation. Mastering the charging time of the server rack battery is more conducive to basic theory and practical activities to make it more professional. In short, the server rack battery charging time is related to the number and current of the battery. The server rack battery has no memory effect, does not fully charge the solar charger battery for the first time, and does not charge it for 10-14 hours for the first time, only uses the motor device to control the amount of the battery for the first time. The whole process after application can also be handled randomly, not easy to damage the volume.

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