Factors Affecting Server Rack Battery Performance

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Server rack battery has characteristics such as nonlinearity, discreteness, and complexity. The factors affecting LFP energy storage performance mainly include three aspects: temperature, discharge rate, and charging voltage. Next, let's take a look at the factors that affect server rack battery performance.

Here is the content list:

  • Effect of temperature on server rack battery performance.

  • Effect of discharge rate on server rack battery performance.

  • Effect of charging voltage on server rack battery performance.

Effect of temperature on server rack battery performance.

The working environment temperature of the BMS lifepo4 200Ah has a great influence on the performance of the battery. Discharge the fully charged batteries in different ambient temperatures, and discuss the relationship between the discharged capacity and the ambient temperature. The charging method is to charge the battery with a constant current of 0.5C until the voltage reaches 3.65V, then change to constant voltage charging until the current drops to 0.05C, and then stop charging. The discharge method is to leave it fully at ambient temperature, then discharge at a constant current of 0.5C until the voltage drops to 2V, and calculate the discharged capacity. Within a certain temperature range, the capacity of the battery decreases exponentially with the increase in temperature. One of the reasons is that when the temperature is high, the various internal resistances of the server rack battery are small, and the terminal voltage during the discharge process is higher than that at a low temperature. Therefore, under the same discharge cut-off voltage (such as 2V) and discharge current, the battery discharge lasts longer and has a larger capacity when the temperature is higher.

Effect of discharge rate on server rack battery performance.

The capacity of the 48v 200Ah lifepo4 battery decreases with the increase in discharge rate. On the one hand, due to the existence of the internal resistance of the battery, when the current is large, the battery heats up and the temperature rises, which reduces the thermal stability of the battery and generates positive feedback. On the other hand, when the server rack battery is discharged with a large current, the utilization rate of the active material of the battery is low, the polarization internal resistance of the battery increases, the polarization voltage increases, and the battery voltage drops to the end-of-discharge voltage in advance, which reduces the output capacity of the battery, seriously sometimes it will even endanger the safety of the battery.

Effect of charging voltage on server rack battery performance.

The charging voltage has an important influence on the lithium-ion deintercalation process of the solar charger battery. When the charging voltage of the battery is too high, the battery will have side reactions and generate a lot of heat, which will increase the resistance of the electrode interface, reduce the thermal stability of the battery, and reduce the capacity of the battery. In addition, when the charging voltage of the battery is greater than the upper limit of the charging voltage of the battery, too many lithium ions will come out of the positive electrode of the battery, which will damage the structure of the positive electrode. At the same time, too many lithium ions will migrate to the negative electrode of the battery, and the lithium ions that cannot be embedded in the negative electrode will deposit on the surface of the electrode, increasing the possibility of a short circuit in the server rack battery and causing damage to the battery.

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