Introduction of Power wall Battery cathode material recycling

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After the Power wall Battery is decommissioned, a large number of waste batteries will be generated. Although the Power wall Battery does not contain heavy metal pollutants such as lead and mercury, the discarded Power wall Battery still poses certain hazards to the environment. If not disposed of in time, it will pollute the environment and waste metal resources. In recent years, the recycling technology of waste lithium iron phosphate battery cathode materials has progressed, including wet recovery of valuable metals, repair, and regeneration of waste lithium iron phosphate, and decomposition and re-synthesis of lithium iron phosphate. Next, I will point out other recycling methods for waste Power wall Batteries, and look forward to the future development direction of waste Power wall Battery recycling technology.

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Other recycling methods of waste Power wall Batteries.

Prospects for Recycling of Waste Power Wall Battery Cathode Materials.

Other recycling methods of waste Power wall Batteries

To realize the efficient and economical recycling of waste Power wall batteries, some researchers have begun to study the preparation of new materials with higher added value from waste Power wall batteries. Some researchers have studied the recovery of phosphorus in waste LFP energy storage. Li was selectively extracted from the spent LiFePO4 cathode material with (NH4)2S2O8 solution to obtain Li2SO4 solution and FePO4. When (NH4)2S2O8 is 1.5 times the theoretical amount, the leaching rate of Li reaches 97.5% after leaching for 65 min, and the leaching rate of Fe is less than 0.00505%. Then FePO4 reacted with Na2S solution to generate NaFeS2 and phosphate solution, successfully realizing acid-free recovery of the P element, and the recovery rate was close to 100%.

Prospects for Recycling of Waste Power Wall Battery Cathode Materials

Compared with the wet recycling process, the waste Power wall Battery can improve the structural stability and electrochemical performance of the recycled solar storage battery material by repairing, doping other elements or materials, decomposing and resynthesizing, etc., and the process flow is short and easy to operate. Simple and environmentally friendly. However, due to the different sources and quality of waste Power wall batteries and the influence of impurities such as aluminum on waste Power wall batteries, there are shortcomings such as unstable product quality after repair. In the future, the recycling of waste Power wall batteries should be developed in the direction of lower costs and zero pollution emissions. The operation should be automated and mechanized, with higher efficiency and safety, to realize full-component, large-scale, and high-efficiency recycling of waste lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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