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Outdoor Cabinets Energy Storage System 100kw 200kw Solar Energy System


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Outdoor cabinet type energy storage system-NE-20221125.pdf_01Outdoor cabinet type energy storage system-NE-20221125.pdf_00

Introducing the Outdoor Cabinet Type Energy Storage System - a reliable and efficient solution for your energy storage needs. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, this system is built to last. With a capacity of either 100kw or 200kw, it is perfect for large-scale energy storage applications.

The system is housed in a sturdy outdoor cabinet, ensuring maximum protection against weather elements, vandalism, and theft. It is equipped with advanced battery technology that provides long-lasting and consistent power supply. The intelligent control system allows for easy monitoring and management of the system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

This energy storage system is ideal for various industries such as telecommunications, renewable energy, and emergency power backup. It is also suitable for remote areas where access to the grid is limited.

Invest in the Outdoor Cabinet Type Energy Storage System and experience a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. Our team of experts is available to provide installation support and maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and performance of your investment.

Product Features:

Simple And Flexible

*High integration, small size, easy installation, operation and maintenance;

*IP54 protection grade, stronger environmental adaptability

Economical &Friendly

*Reducing the maximum demand electricity cost,with considerable economic benefits;

*Supporting peak shaving and valley filling, and dynamic expansion of transformers;

Safe And Reliable

*Built-in fire extinguishing, temperature control, early warning system multiple security guarantees;

*Intelligent control system, which can be connected to the local monitoring svstem for unified management and control;



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