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Bess 100kw LFP Lithium Ion Battery Outdoor Industial And Commercial Energy Storage System


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Bess 100kw LFP Lithium Ion Battery Outdoor Industial and Commercial Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System (ESS) is energy storage, which refers to the storage of a form of energy in the same form or converted into another form of energy through a medium or equipment, and it's a cyclic process that needs to be released in a specific form of energy based on future application requirement. The energy storage system is an important part of the "generating transmission-transformation-distribution-utilization" link of the power grid, and an indispensable part of the energy Internet and smart energy.
1.Mobile microgrid Uninterruptible power supply
2.Backup power supply of grid or generator
3.Zero emission to protect environment
4.Save electricity by avoid peak power consumption

Technical specification  100KWh
Battery capacity (kWh) 100
Number of battery cluster 2
BMS communication interface RS485/CAN
DC voltage range(V) 420~850
Rated AC power(kW) 30~150
Max. AC power(kW)


Rated AC current(A) 43~216
Max. AC current(A)


DC current component <0.5%
THDi <3%(Rated power)
Rated grid voltage(M) 400
Allowable grid voltage range(M) 320~460
Rated grid frequency(Hz) 50/60
Allowable grid frequencyrange(Hz) 45~55/55~65
Power factor lagging-1leading
Isolation method With the isolation
Ingress protection IP54
Fire extinguishing system Support
Operating temperature -30°C~55℃
Dimension W*D*H(mm) 1300x1700x2100mm
BMS communication mode CANRS485
EMS communication mode RS485TCP/IP
PCS cooling way Temperature control intelligent air cooling
Battery cooling way Air conditioning cooling


100kw (7)100KW100kw (3)

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