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High Power 1.38 Mwh Solar Industrial Commercial Container Battery Energy Storage System


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High Power 1.38 Mwh Solar Industrial Commercial Container Battery Energy Storage System

It is difficult to cover the traditional power grid in remote areas, but the local solar resources or wind resources are usually abundant. Jingnoo can provide high-power (above MW level) independent micro-grid solution, which can combine various input power sources, improve the reliability of power supply, so that local residents can realize an independent off grid system.


1. PV power station energy storage
2. Wind power storage
3. Combined thermal power FM
4. Grid-side storage

Technical specification JNBESS1.38MWh&500KW  PCS
Battery voltage range(V) 716.8V-921.6V
Rated current(A) 1376.256
Rated voltage(V) 400
Rated frequency(Hz) 722
Frequency range(Hz) 50/60


Power factor <3%
AC connection


DC current component <0.5%
THDi <3%(Rated power)
Rated grid voltage(M) 3W+PE
Max.fficiency 0.89
Ingress protection IP54
Noise emission(dB) <75
Operating temperature -30°C~ 55°C
Cooling YES
Relative humidity 0~95% non-condensing
Altitude 5,000m/>3,000 Derating
Dimension 20FT container
Weight About 15T
Transformer No
Self-consumption(W) <20
Booster transformer Manual (default)/ Automatic (optional)
Display LCD touch-screen
BMS communication RS485/CAN
EMS communication RS485, TCP/IP

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